How long does it takes to know that you are ready for marriage?

We grow up hearing that you have to take time to know your partner before marrying him/her but the question is how long do you have to take time to know?will it be years,few months or is it any reason to wait?

Instead of focusing how long you guys have been dating, consider other ways to evaluate whether you’re both ready to be there for each other in a marriage .

Those ways are :

1.Do you know many sides of each other ?

Everyone has bad and good sides

Do you know most of hers/his?

Are you able to be with your partner after showing her/his side’s?

2.Have you tried to stay together before to know her/him better?

cohabitation will helps to get you guys to get used to each other,be able to understand each other better and be able to overcome most of problems you’ll come across in a marriage.

But only you can tell when you’re ready to tie the doesn’t matter if you guys met a day after,years ago or few months only you know !!

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An entrepreneur,lover of good things, idealist,an aspiring writer,former community radio cohost,anti xenophobic,anti racist, photographer, philanthropist and a mother

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