Secrets and lies kills relationship

Building a relationship on a foundation of secrecy and lies is like building a house on sand, where structural problems will always take you down. You cannot sustain deep connections with people who only get to see the “you” that is carefully edited to withhold the parts of you that you don’t wish to reveal. When you don’t say what you really think, people can’t know who you really are. Therefore, you’ll never feel loved for who you really are.

You can’t say you love a person yet you lie and keep secrets from them,it doesn’t matter how big or small the lie or secret is it can destroy the relationship and make your partner to lose trust in you. Learning how to open up in a relationship helps both of you to know and understand each other and strengthen the relationship between the two of you.they say “practice makes perfect”if you start practicing not to lie and keeping secrets you are building a solid relationship that cannot be broken by anything or anyone.

Published by victoriousvickyblog

An entrepreneur,lover of good things, idealist,an aspiring writer,former community radio cohost,anti xenophobic,anti racist, photographer, philanthropist and a mother

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